WCF will organize the WORLD CORPORATE FINALS of e-sports FIFA 20

In order to make the entertainment for the employees at this moment as the most attractive as possible despite the circumstances we are living, WCF will organize the WORLD CORPORATE FINALS as the final phase for the champion teams of the e-sports Tournaments of FIFA´s game conducted by the corporate football organizations of different countries belonging to WCF.

At the moment the organizations of RC SPORT LIGAS INTER EMPRESAS (Spain), Tiki-Taka Soccer League (USA), Fair Play Events Business Cup Futbol Ligi (Turkey), Calcio Milano -Sportland (Italy) and MasterFoot – Promotora de Ligas de Futebol (Portugal) already started or are going to start soon the online FIFA tournaments.

Other WCF member organizations are evaluating to join this initiative, so this event will generate a great expectation among companies of different countries to find out which is the one that becomes the virtual football champion worldwide.

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