WCF statement of support to organizations´ members due to Covid 19

From World Corporate Football, we want to give all our support and collaboration to corporate football leagues from the 22 countries and 4 continents that are part of our global organization.

Following the obligations and / or health recommendations of each country in the fight against Covid 2019, most football leagues or tournaments have been postponed or delayed the start protecting the health of the players of the participating teams, organizational personnel, referees , employees of sports facilities, etc.

The postponement of the football leagues does not imply stopping but an opportunity to advance in different aspects of sports management in which the day-to-day of the competitions often does not allow to be able to tackle in depth. Some members are refocusing their activity developing new digital projects in order to offer a better service to the teams of the participating companies when the threat to health passes and the situation is restored.

At WCF, we offer members the advice they need to deal with this difficult situation and we will continue working on different lines of action to develop this global organization.

Together we are stronger right now!

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