Rhinob, the new innovative brand that has revolutioned shocks and shin guards, is the new sponsor of WCF

At Rhinob works a team of professionals with more than 30 years of experience in sports and health science sector focused on improving the performance of football players around the world.

Carlos Barriguete, CEO of the company, is an expert in the field of medical technology and a specialist in the treatment with growth factors. His extensive training in the study of stem cells has allowed him to know in depth the functioning of muscle and bone tissue and find a way to promote recovery.

Their goal with Rhinob is to ensure that athletes of any level and discipline can compete to the fullest for longer, increasing the safety during sports. They make it possible by providing them with tecnhological tools that can be adapted to bodies players and help them play more and better.

Welcome on WCF network to these amazing Rhinob Pro shocks and Pro shin guards!

Take a look at http://rhinob.es/en/

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