FLY-FUT joins WCF as a Technological Partner

Fly-fut is a start up that has started its operation in Spain for recording football games with drone cameras and edit recordings with announcers and professional effects to replicate the sensation of world class football, so players and teams can live a unique experience.

The mission of Flyfut is to reach the dream of all football fans: see themselves on screen as their idols, be able to save and share their goals, stops, passes and dribbles. In other words, professionalize the experience of amateur football to achieve excellence in product development by betting on constant innovation to stay at the forefront of football.

For more information, you can visit the web:

As an example of the magnificent result provided by Fly-fut, we invite you to access the following link:

Fly-fut is undoubtedly an important technological partner so that WCF members can improve the experience offered to their business teams!

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