Competize, new sponsor /technology partner of WCF

It is time to take positions for the future and particularly in the area of technology applied to football leagues, so we are happy to announce Competize as a new sponsor / technology partner of WCF.

Competize is a software that facilitates the management of leagues and sports tournaments in an easy and intuitive way.

All information is stored in the cloud and is accessible through its web application or native apps for Android and iOS. This enables both the control of the competitions by the organizers, as well as the access to information for teams, players and fans.

It is possible to publish sporting events on its standard platform but it also gives the possibility of integrating them into an existing website without the need for programming.

It also offers the option of building personalized websites and mobile applications with customer branding incorporating custom developments.

Lastly, it offers a connection via API with solutions from other tech suppliers.

A whole range of technological possibilities to be used both to consolidated leagues or to those that are still at an earlier stage of development.

Welcome Competize to jump into the field of WCF!

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