A young organization joins WCF from Ecuador

Founded in November 2018, the organization Torneos Juventud, develops its activities as an organizer of football amateur and business leagues in the city of Guayaquil (Ecuador) where they perform sports events of 6- a-side on the pitches of Hooligans F.C. and Corner F.C.

Liga Empresarial is one of the tournaments focused on companies, micro-companies and industries where according to its Director, Orlando Parrales, “teams compete in a healthy environment of fellowship and football that helps a positive development.”
In just 10 months since its creation, it has already gained the trust of 12 participating teams with 15-players/ each and it has trained staff that manages the good development in sports events with live broadcasts through social networks (Facebook, Instagram).
Welcome Torneos Juventud as the 15th organization that joins the network of WCF and we are willing to help you for a quick growth of your business league!

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